Monday, May 2, 2011

Animal Planet's Portable Pet Bed with Zipper

Last week, Stella and I went on an outing to just get out of the house! We BOTH needed to get out. I took her to the store HomeGoods. I've found that stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, and other discount stores have awesome pet supply sections. It can be a total hit or miss!

When we went, HomeGoods had an AWESOME variety of pet products. Our particular store had a ton of these Animal Planet Portable Beds for $5.

Today, selling the same bed for $27.49.  So we got a good deal for sure! The design is shaped like a briefcase. In order to get the full 20" x 27" bed, you must unzip the bed and lay it out flat. So basically it folds up in half and is secured with a zipper. It has 2 handles so it can easily be transported-just like a lightweight handbag. For the outside cover, it comes in a baby blue with stripes and a brown with swirls. I chose the brown with the swirl design because the outside covering is what touches the floor. I figured the brown would show less dirt. The part that the dog lays on is fleece and is washable.

I suppose the bed is for smaller dogs (like the one pictured on the packaging). However, it is just enough for Stella to lay her chest and head on the soft mat. I would not want to carry anything bigger, as this is the perfect size and weight for me to carry around in the cases where a mat would be appropriate.

As a service dog, Stella is frequently laying on floors in public. Movie theatre floors give me the creeps! So, that would be a situation where I'd want a mat/portable bed for Stella to lay on.

Stella does like the bed :-) and before I opened the box for her to try it out...
I am very happy with this bargain find and so is the doodle!

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