Sunday, May 1, 2011

Virbac's Preventic Collar

This is one of those products that keeps Stella healthy, so she can continue to be her happy and healthy self. The Prevntic collar works exceptionally well for us. No matter what part of the state we are in, Stella is tick free. The collar comes in an 18" for dogs up t0 60 lbs and a 25" for dogs over 60 lbs. If your dog's neck is smaller than 18" you can cut the collar so that it fits appropriately. I would recommend you leave an inch or two extra for adjustment purposes. Also, if you have a small dog, you could cut the collar in half and have 90 days of prevention for each piece. The second 90 days you'd have to figure out another way to attach the collar since it only comes with one buckle. You could use anything to attach the collar w/o the buckle part. It surely isn't rocket science.

I purchase them for Stella at because they have the best prices I've found. They also sell them in bulk, which allows me to save a little additional amount of money. They come to approx $10 to $12 depending on the size or if you buy in bulk.

The collar is supposed to last up to 90 days. I find this to be an accurate time frame. The collar is NOT supposed to get wet. If it does get wet, you probably will need to replace the collar. A wet collar will loose its effectiveness.

I have found this collar to be well worth it. Having a dog with a full coat means I need to be extra careful watching out for  ticks on her. Some peple do not like the idea of the chemicals associated with a tick collar. I however, find that I need to have a Preventic Collar on Stella at all times while she is outside. The ONE time she didn't have a collar on, right after she had a bath- she came in with a tick that just started attaching to the inside of her ear.

The collar is very easy to put on and take off. It has a simple attachment mechanism that works effectively. (See the pic of the attachment part of the collar below.)

This product is very overall wonderful and provides 90 days of tick prevention. My only reservations would be for multi dog households where the dogs like to chew eachother's collars. There could potentially be a problem if a dog ingested the collar.

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