Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's start with... Outward Hound Pet Pocket Collar ID Bag

Our first product review is going to be the Outward Hound Pet Pocket Collar ID Bag. I know, it isn't exactly the 'fun' part that I promised, but I LOVE THIS product! This ended up being a great find!

This product is not only a tag silencer, but it also has a little pocket to insert additional information or possibly a key and a clear pocket for ID info. I suppose you could put your house key in this lil' pocket and go for a walk with nothing extra to carry or keep track of.

So why am I such a big fan? Jingling tags drive me nuts. Stella recently got her city license tag which would wake me up everytime she moved her head during the night. Everytime she moved during the day and night I heard*jingles.* Since she is required by law to wear this tag, I HAD to come up with a solution. A lot of options exist for tag silencers, but I chose this one because of the clear pocket (see picture below) that you can add additional ID info on a paper insert. This works great since Stella and I frequently are traveling up and down  the east coast of Florida. Also, as a student, I tend to move each school year to a new place. So whether I'm at home with my parents that are located in North FL or I'm at school in South FL- Stella always has current ID info. All I need to do is switch out the paper insert. Stella's collar has a stainless steel plate with phone numbers and her trainer's sd school info. The info on her collar is permanent info that doesn't change.

The tag silencer has a strip of elastic on the back. All you have to do is slip the collar through the elastic loop and it is on! The edges are smooth and I don't see any evidence of the tag rubbing Stella's neck causing any kind of irritation.

So overall this product gets an A+ from us :-)

The Outward Hound Pet Pocket Collar ID Bag ^

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  1. Do you know where I can purchase one. I have used this in the past and I NEED another.