Saturday, April 30, 2011

Popware for Pets Collapsible Travel Cup (1 cup)

As much as I love the idea of the Popware for pets collapsible travel cup, it hasn't turned out to be what I was hoping for. I needed a collapsible bowl that would fit in Stella's service dog vest. It is the first collapsible and resuable design that I've found that actually fits in Stella's vest pockets.

Here is what the bowl looks like in the package:

 Here is a view after a few uses:

I purchased a handful of these for Stella. Pretty much all of them are cracking like the one in the picture above. They all seem to be consistently cracking in the same place- right below the brim. I guess it is a weak spot. It is definately a design flaw. Stella carries this bowl around when we walk to the water fountain at school. I thought maybe Stella's grip (holding it in her mouth) was the reason for the plastic cracking. Since the first one that broke, I've been attaching the clip that comes with it (see the first pic). Now Stella will carry the bowl by the clip and the bowls still are cracking. It is too stinking cute to watch Stella carry "her bowl" around campus.

So all in all- Darn! This product ended up being a bust. The idea of it is wonderful! and its the perfect size to fit in Stella's vest pocket. Hopefully they will update the design with a more durable plastic like the rest of the popware pet products.

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