Saturday, April 30, 2011

Multipet International's Nobbly Wobbly

Good afternoon! Above Stella is pictured with her Nobbly Wobbly. Please excuse the bed head! oh and also the unfolded laundry in the background. smiles. I purchased the 3" which is the medium size.  It also comes in the following sizes:  small (2.5") and  large (4") .The packaging says it is a "Zany Rubber Dog Ball!" Stella and I find the toy to be just that-zany! The  ball bounces and has an unpredictable bouncing pattern.  The ball is made up of various colored flower/star shaped pieces of rubber. Each of these rubber pieces are weaved together to make  this  fun ball. The dog has an interesting texture which makes it easy for Stella to grasp in her mouth. The packaging also advertises the ball as a "Chew Toy" and a "Fetch Toy." I am sure Stella would love to make this toy a chew toy, but I'm not letting her try that feature out. We're using it as a fun fetch toy!

I personally like this fetch ball because 1) my dog likes it! 2) it easily can be cleaned after getting muddy outside.

The only downside to this ball is- you might want or need to wash it down quickly when you get it because it seems to have a strong rubbery smell. Stella didn't seem to be bothered by the rubber smell, but I would imagine that some dogs would probably think the smell was funky and not be interested in the toy. I don't think this is a reason to not try the toy out because with a quick rinse with water the rubbery smell is almost gone.

For price comparison, Amazon offers the  medium size ball for $3.99. offers the same ball for $7.49, as the internet price. is having a sale and is offering the ball on sale for $5.61.

We like this toy :-)

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